• Round Trip
  • One Way
  • Multiple Destinations


PRIVATE JET (20-seater or less) service features
safety and convenience You can freely visit cities in different countries with complete safety and convenience for global business activities.
Quality travel We provide convenient and elegant travel and leisure for all customers travelling with family, friends and colleagues. Save the lengthy immigration process time using a personal terminal, and enjoy a sky-customized trip wanted only by the top 0.1%.
Luxurious sky custom travel Hotel-class facilities, including a private bedroom, shower and meeting room, can enjoy a unique sky journey 20,000 feet above the surface.
Business and meeting in the sky The aircraft has a Business and Conference Room, a Lounge and a Private Suites room where you can work on board. It has world-class quality, functionality and elegance. The rooms are spacious enough to have a corridor around the room, so you can do your work or relax.
Aircraft in-flight service
  • Wi-Fi & Movies

    PRIVATE JET can use the entire cabin facility. With ZETCAB, you can choose from various options, including DVDs, satellite phones, full-size bathrooms, bedrooms and high-speed Internet access. Please compare prices to book the aircraft that best suits your needs.

  • Private Catering & Parties

    ZETCAB's in-flight catering service. We will prepare a cake for your special day such as a birthday party, honeymoon, proposal, etc. There is no special moment than a party in the sky with your loved ones.

  • In-flight Luxury Travel

    ZETCAB provides the highest quality hotel-style in-flight meals that are different from regular in-flight meals. Beverages and spirits are also available to suit your choice. We will make a luxurious travel time from boarding to the destination rather than a tedious flight journey.

In-flight meal service guide

Meals are so important that you can't say it's luxurious without discussing food for your personal charter experience.
During the flight, you will be served all kinds of dishes you want. All meals are tailored to guests, and breakfast, lunch, snacks, dessert, and spirits are also available.
Breakfast included hot and cold foods such as bagels, fresh fruits, muffins, parfaits, eggs, and French toast. Lunch mainly consists of sandwiches, wraps, and salads.
Meals on board a luxurious private jet will be served at your special request for limited meals, special meals and an personal chef.

Additional Service – Guide to boarding a companion dog

Commercial and commercial airlines have increasingly stringent dog rules, making it difficult to travel with large pets; our Zetcab does not limit the number of animals on board.
You can enjoy the best service you provide with your dog without putting your precious pet in the cargo hold.
Internationally, different countries have different guidelines for travelling with dogs, so if you provide documentation for your dog, Zetcab will provide all other necessary documents for entry and exit.

Additional Services - Linked Transportation
  • The private airliner and the PRIVATE JET service can be provided at the customer's request.
    ( Ex. Korea - US general airline use / US PRIVATE JET service use )
  • Helicopter service is available for airport and city transfers.
  • We offer limousine service with premium ground transportation to the airport to suit your itinerary.
    Ground transportation options include elite sedans, traditional limousines, vans, exotic cars and motorcycles.