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  • Multiple Destinations

What is ‘Empty Leg’?

An empty leg is a discounted seat that occurs in a private jet when the jet has to fly without passengers. ZETCAB’s new search engine for an empty leg will show you available flights. You can save up to 75% off the usual price of a private jet. If you wish to receive an email about the latest empty leg deals, please subscribe to our newsletter. We will send you an approximate price quote for the route where the empty leg occurs. You may find an empty leg seat available from an airport near you. Please download our app to see current availability. Also, you can ask our ZET Specialist for a suitable empty leg deal for you.

How to book ‘Empty Leg’

ZETCAB strives to deliver better service for the Empty Leg booking information to our valued clients all over the world. ZETCAB’s Empty Leg Search Engine is designed to assist you to access the most competitive empty legs by searching over 7,000 private chartered aircraft worldwide through a global network. You can also search for available empty legs at your selection of airport. However, even though the empty leg flight is a private charter flight, the exact departure airport, destination, and time are not flexible. It offers you a competitive price, yet it may not 100% meet your personal needs. If you are heading to an important business meeting or appointment, we recommend a private charter rather than an empty leg. Empty leg flights are coming to you from different destinations, so flight times may vary depending on the time the aircraft lands and departs. Exact arrival times and departure details may not be defined until just before the flight departs. You may need to find a different itinerary if your flight has cancelled last minute.