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What is a charter flight?

Simply, charter flights are not provided as a planned scheduled by airlines. You can use your aircraft by charting an aircraft on schedule. All detail can be directly controlled with temporary control. Decide on your flight and destination. You can choose the person who wants to be with you. Shortly, a charter flight is all yours.
Of course, charter aviation is different from a civilian flight that has a journey and destination. In the case of, clients do not have to choose who is near you to adjust the rules and preferences of other people. 
However, why do you have to put up with when you can make your way in the sky? If you have adventure sense, a charter flight is the only way you can travel in the future.


How much does the jet charter cost?

Private jet charter rates vary depending on the size of the aircraft, hourly rates, duration of travel, and many other factors.


Can I take an air tour before I book my flight?

You can take an air tour before you book it. You can meet the cabin crew and board to see how the flight is. Particularly, if clients reside locally, the operator and client can have a strong bond to develop. The broker can also arrange a meeting. However, depending on the location of the aircraft, additional charges may apply if you go to the location of the aircraft.


How far beforehand should I make a reservation for my private jet flight?

Generally, you ought to notice more than less. These can give you more value chance and inexpensive flight. But you can book 75% of private charter flight within 2 weeks of departure and get a few options.
Occasionally, customers need a flight on short notice. This could be quickly arranging the situation. Generally, we look for the flight and ask the cabin crew to prepare and seek the approval of the client to get their requirements for the trip. 3 hours of the call-out is needed for the pilot. They need to prepare the flight and check fuel before departure.
You should notice before 3 hours when there is prepared aircraft in certain area. But these short notices could cause results which you need to choose costly aircraft or old type of aircraft that others have not chosen.


When I give a call, can I get my flight immediately?

No, you should give us notice at least 12 hours.


How far in advance do I need to make a reservation an empty leg?

Empty legs are usually available from 2 weeks before departure.

The airline operator may lower the price when there is no time left before the departure of the empty leg. However, if you need a guaranteed flight, we recommend a private charter rather than an empty leg with a relatively high cancellation rate. If the empty leg is open but it is not actually usable, you might pay for a one-way round trip.


When should I give desirable notice when I make a reservation on a trip beforehand?

It is better to give more notice than less notice. However, operators cause them to be reluctant to offer an estimate until operators get the schedule. 
You should give us ideal notice before1-3 months in advance. Requests in this window offer us the most choices on other options at a value price. Before departure, it will decrease your options last month.
Operators would like to have a booked flight for a week of the trip. Some are possible but specific dates are available. These options would be less choice in the last few days.
If you find short notice of empty leg before about 2 days of departure, you would request comparative cost but it would have been the cheapest


How do I choose the right flight?

There are two factors you should consider the size and performance of aircraft. You also consider personal preference. If you want a luxurious jet or short trip with cabin crew in a large aircraft. That is what you want. 


Can I rent a new aircraft?

There are comparatively many new aircraft for charter. For example, we can show you 1-year old aircraft. But the owner purchases most of the new aircraft and then charter afterward.
You need lucky to charter new aircraft. Someone rarely leases an aircraft as soon as the owner buys new aircraft. They generally wait for 1-3 years before the cost is offsetting on charter. Regarding aircraft new is an uncertain term. It could be available for 6 years or less aircraft. 


Generally, what types of people charter a specific aircraft for a month?

There are many various reasons. For example, it could be a musical tour or company which required many international meetings and starts IPO. Also, my franchise company has to require many locations and provide the most rapid options. Since they can accomplish many things, this is not only cost-effective options but also be a pleasing way for the trip.


Why should I take a flight with ZETCAB?

We are the perfect company for new to private charter jet as we are skilled charter experts. Our mission is to help clients educate about private aircraft. We would like to show you how the charter flight book. We’ll do our best to make the right choice and explain it.
I’m sure you have questions. ZETCAB provides personalized service to all clients and the procedure from first to end whenever you book the flight.

Our professional advisors can capture a trip opportunity which you may miss. We will do the best to reward your trust what you gave based on the faith principle.


What does ZETCAB do?

ZETCAB is a sharing(brokerage) platform company that directly connects customers with private aircraft (business jet) among aircraft worldwide and available service at any time.


Isn’t charter flight for major company’s president?

Yes. Charter flight had been used for the upper 0.1% rich people in the world before in 1990. It gradually increased from 1999 to 2000. And then, it has also led to a growing trend of demand because the world has been globalized since 2000. Private jet has been increased explosively and became gradually globalization from possession of rich people.


Is available to use the private flight anywhere?

Yes. We provide to connect private flight which is close to your location when you book it anywhere.


Is it available to use the service in South Korea?

It is available to use the service. However, because of not many departure aircraft, the cost is relatively more expensive than using the service in the United States and Europe where are developed well on jet market.


Is there any way to take inexpensive flight?

Currently we have an aircraft which depart from South Korea. However, the cost is relatively expensive due to bring the aircraft from Taiwan and China.

ZETCAB recommend to use regular airline for long-distance routes (Europe/Americas) or China (move within China) from October 2019 and get into the area where private jet is as we can provide a reasonable price to ZETCAB member.

  1. In the course of travel to China: South Korea (using Korean Air) - Beijing/Shanghai/Gwangju-Zhangjiajie-Beijing/Shanghai/Gwangju (using private jet)-Korea (using Korean Air)
  2. In the course of travel to the United States: South Korea (using Korea air)-Airports in the United States or Airports in Europe-Airports in the United States (using a private jet)- South Korea (using Korean Air)


What is EMPTY LEG?

An empty leg is a discounted seat that occurred in a private jet when the jet has to fly without passengers. You can save up to 75% off the usual price of a private jet.


How do you set a price in accordance with use of private jet?

Business jets vary depending on from 3~4 seats to 19 seats. The cost will be arranged for depending on your 1.desired area and 2. large number of passengers 3. aircraft type 4. period of use 5. catering(meals) 6. event usage 7. destination aircraft moored 8. cabin crew 



How can I use EMPTY LEG?

If you become a ZETCAB membership, we would like to help you needed information and reservation.

We would kindly consult you when you book through ZETCAB KOREA office +82-2-6929-1993 / Website www.zetcab.com / E-Mail zetcab@zetcab.com


What are benefits using private jet?

Personally, it is good to be privacy protect or customized travel and emerge a business company or personal image.

  1. You can go to the airport before at least 30 minutes. It is not like a complicated commercial airline. You can use and simple procedure and a car in front of your private charter flight through the private terminal.

  2. You can freely use internet, movie, communication, various alcoholic beverages, a celebration party and choose Korean food/Chinese food/Japanese food/Western food depending on your preference within interior aircraft.

  3. Unlike regular airlines you can use 2 million airports, it is available to use the helicopter quickly when it’s a short distance.

  4. Especially, important business can make it a good image and accomplish their goal when foreigners visit.


How can I book?

We run two types of systems which are general reservation and membership reservation. You can book a general reservation through the website.

Clients are reserved to flight information as a membership reservation in advance and input taskforce and get relatively more inexpensive cost than general reservation.


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