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2020 ZETCAB Aviation Idea Contest Held
2020-11-10 09:12:43

First time in South Korea!

ZETCAB was born to fight COVID-19.

ZETCAB is a private jet and charter shared platform.

"All Korean businessmen, students and newlyweds" who want to go to other countries for the purpose of business trips, study abroad, and medicine.

ZETCAB is the safest, easiest, and private way to reach your destination in the post-corona era.

Accordingly, we will revitalize the aviation industry and tourism industry

We are looking for your ideas in a ZETCAB contest where you can also win prizes.

▪ Show the promotional video and ideas of ZETCAB which is the first corporation as a private jet sharing platform in Korea, in your own style!!!

▪ Seize the first opportunity to win prizes with your fresh ideas in ZETCAB☆


| Contest schedule:  11 November 2020 (Wed) to 17 March 2021 (Wed)  23:59 PM

| Contest details: https://zetcab.blogspot.com/2020/11/2020.html

| Contest inquiry : marketing@zetcab.com