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Major restrictions on entry and exit related to Corona 19
2020-09-21 09:00:04

Major restrictions on entry and exit related to Corona 19 <United Arab Emirates>

Update: October 30

Entry of foreigners who meet the requirements is limited.

UAE resident visa holders must enter their ID number, passport number, etc.on the re-entry portal site (uaeentry.ica.gov.ae) and submit a COVID-19 voice confirmation issued within 96 hours of departure before boarding the aircraft. After entering the country, you can download the self-diagnosis app (Al Hosn) and enter the country with requirements such as self-isolation for 14 days, but the requirements can be changed, so you need to check before departure.

However, Dubai allows foreigners to enter and transit through Dubai International Airport from 7 July. In fact, although the visitor visa is being exempted, there is a high possibility of change in measures, so it is necessary to confirm before departure. From August 1st, all travelers arriving in Dubai or transiting through Dubai International Airport are required to have a negative PCR test certificate received within 96 hours from a designated agency.

If you have a Dubai Long-Term Resident Visa, prior authorization is required online at the Dubai Immigration Service's Foreign Resident Registration Department (GDRFA) prior to entry. Transit is allowed up to 24 hours within the airport if you have baggage (if it exceeds 24 hours, you need to find your baggage and check in again after passing through the immigration control). If you do not have luggage, you can stay at a hotel in the airport terminal for more than 48 hours. In order to travel to Abu Dhabi from Dubai and other emirates, you must have a Corona 19 negative confirmation issued within 48 hours.

From September 9th, visitors visa holders entering the country through Dubai Airport cannot enter Abu Dhabi for 14 days, and Abu Dhabi resident visa holders are tested for Corona 19 at a border inspection office and wait at a facility provided by the government of the host country until the results are notified Isolate (facility or self).