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Welcome to ZETCAB,
your best air charter assistant

Thank you for visiting ZETCAB for your private jet charter. It has been 20 years since we started our business in 2000. With many years of great experience, we have been offering private jet charter service to our valued clients worldwide to and from wherever they wish to travel. Reviewing the aircraft regarding safety before confirming a booking with our client is a significant step for us. We are pleased have great feedback after completing a safe and comfortable flight. We have built a sustainable relationship with our valued customers based on trust. Design and travel your excellent journey with us, and we will assist your enjoyable trip with our top quality service.


ZETCAB is one of the best air charter providers in the world. We have built the expertise and know-how in the private aircraft charter industry for the last 20 years. Safety and comfort are crucial to us when our valued customers experience our service. Meet our ZET Specialist assisting you with personalized service from comparing quotes upon boarding throughout the booking process. Experience our Blockchainized Economic Cyclicality when you pay for your flight. It is our unique point in top quality service and makes your payment procedure easy and safe.

Personalized Booking Process

Assigned ZET Specialist
After your enquiry, our ZET Specialist (account manager) will be assigned to determine the desired aircraft and itinerary for you.
Protect your privacy
Our security partners will work together with us to secure your privacy as much as possible.
Tailor your journey
ZET specialist will provide you with aircraft information and design your journey upon your requirements.
Check availability of your final destination and make it possible.
Some airports have limited facilities and small. ZET specialist will consult to find out the way to reach your final destination and suggest options.
Booking confirmation
ZET Specialist makes sure your booking with the aircraft including certified pilot and aircrew.
Additional services
You can also request for your personalized service including in flight catering, event, limousine service, airport lounge and many more!

about ZETCAB, what we aim at

ZETCAB is to be innovative world leading company in private jet charter industry by building convenient and reliable data system.
Excellent customer service is our key, and this shall be realized based on technological innovation.

The jet industry has been developing and continuously building enormous businesses. Our team shall be innovative to keep in line with the new era in both the aviation and IT industries.
ZETCAB believes ‘Integrity’ must be a fundamental principle to succeed in customer service and corporate partnerships.
To arrange a flight for our valued clients, safety and security are the most important. We shall make sure not only pleasure journey but passenger’s safety and personal information security.